About Us

TRG is a family owned and operated P.I.P. Collection firm that has handled over 40,000 P.I.P cases resulting in collections in excess of 200 million dollars for our clients since 1990.
Our primary staff as over 90 years combined experience in negotiating settlements with PIP carriers.
Our unique approach allows our clients to get paid in full, quickly, and without the pitfalls associated with the P.I.P. arbitration process.
We work with our long established contacts in all of the major New Jersey and New York auto insurers, to expedite reviews and full settlements.
How do we do this? You ask!
We are the only firm in New Jersey that gives the P.I.P. carriers notice and an opportunity
to amicably resolve our clients' claims quickly and in full without owing any additional legal fees or costs.
The carriers appreciate our “unique” approach which has allowed us to foster long, mutually beneficial relationships with many adjusters and supervisors in both claim units and litigation departments. These relationships yield pre-litigation full settlements limiting the carriers and our clients overall exposure.
The adjusters and supervisors are happy to pick-up our claims, quickly review, and resolve them. They love to be given the opportunity to save the additional fees and costs upfront rather than being sued indiscriminately. This allows us to get our clients PAID IN FULL.
Our “competition” P.I.P. attorneys have no choice but to file litigation on every case, in order to vest their legal fee.
This results in less than full reimbursement to the medical provider, so the attorney can
make any settlement cost effective for the carrier while protecting their substantial legal fee.
We perform the complete opposite transaction with the carrier, giving up all legal fees in return for full payment to our clients. We also file arbitration proceedings on the small percentage of claims unable to be quickly resolved. Since 1990 we have been filing and resolving arbitrations in the provided forums, and our expertise is unsurpassed.
We continue our settlement efforts throughout the entire arbitration process and use our expertise to continually evaluate our adversaries, arbitrators, issues, and our clients' available medical documentation to maximize our clients result at the hearing.